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Our projects

Kievietslaan 32Wassenaar View project
Groot Haesebroekseweg 29AWassenaar View project
Konijnenlaan 18Wassenaar View project
Wassenaarseweg 12Den Haag View project
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“ A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it. “ George A. Moore

What we believe

Respect the old

We want to give a second life to delicate and elegant antique materials. In our projects we use old traditional bricks, beams and tiles from French and Belgian churches, castles and windmills that have been demolished.

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In our mind, we have chosen two of the most beautiful and traditional towns in the Netherlands to construct our houses. The Hague area has the best location if you are in search of a house in a city center, but with quick routes to escape to the nature.

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